One of the things I appreciated most about Mr. Childs was how very passionate he was about teaching. He loved what he was teaching us. Every day he was excited about what we were going to learn and he shared how much we were going to like what we were going to do in class that day. This was refreshing, because other teachers seemed only to go through the motions of teaching and sometimes would even say things like ‘I know this is going to be boring……’ Really? If the teacher thought the material was boring, so did we.
— Nikki, Monterey, CA


The Carlston Family Foundation Teacher Leadership Academy San Joaquin Count Office of Education Stockton, CA July 10 - 12, 2017 Funded by a Grant from the Stuart Foundation, San Francisco, CA The honorees of the Carlston Family Foundation seek to create an annual summer Teacher Leadership Academy, designed to incorporate and combine what is known to improve the quality of education within highly culturally diverse and high need California schools.


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Ms. Kurtz wanted ALL of us to succeed at whatever we would choose to do. She taught us hard work paid off and she pushed us hard. Her classes were never easy. She was demanding and she was the most knowledgeable teacher I had at Hoopa. Her love of the subject made everything more interesting.
— Natalie, Hoopa, CA