What’s Working: Let’s Turn School-Level Success into State-Level Progress

Below is a piece on Santiago High School in Garden Grove where 2016 Honoree, Sheri Zoratti, teaches English. The success achieved at Santiago is due to the supportive administration and a committed teaching staff who believe EVERY student can learn and that failure is NOT an option. They are proving every day that teachers who believe in their students, have high and reasonable expectations, are willing to assist any and every students who needs it and who treat students with respect, can be successful with even the most difficult of students.

When I visited this campus, I clearly saw a campus where students enjoyed being and teachers enjoyed teaching and being part of a team all working to help ALL kids. The collaboration and sharing of expertise was evident and their results show it. And, this all is supported by an administration that allows teachers to take charge and who also care for and respect their teachers.

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In Garden Grove, California, Santiago has done something worth celebrating. They've made incredible improvements for their students through a combination of high expectations, great teaching, smart use of data, and shared leadership. Santiago is a prime example of what happens when a school is truly student-ready. *Closed captions available in English and Spanish.