Round Up with the Carlston Foundation

As the work of the Carlston Foundation has continued to expand, so too have the costs associated with the growth of the numbers of teachers we have honored over the years, the Annual Educational Symposia we offer each year, the on-going work we are doing with Colleges and Universities to help recruit potential teachers and the development of the Teacher Leadership Academy. Since the time the Carlston FamilyFoundation was no longer associated with Broderbund Software and the Board changed the mission of the Foundation to focus on awarding California High School Teachers, the Foundation has not made any attempts to raise funds or seek sponsorships to cover the growing expenses of the Foundation's activities.

As the scope of our work grows, we have made the decision to begin to find small ways to cover some of the costs associated with the additional activities . In 2917 and 2018 we received two grants from the Stuart Foundation to cover expenses related to our Teacher Leadership Academy.

Consequently, we have some exciting news to share about how we intend to raise new funds and wanted all friends and family to be the first to know! We recently partnered with a company that created the RoundUp App that allows potential donors to “round up” the change from debit or credit card purchases and donate it directly to the Carlston Family Foundation on a monthly basis. Please take a look at this 90 second video below that explains how it works.

To get started, to go

The link above for the Web Version ( is called a Deep Link - if you click this link, it will “pre-fill” the Carlston Foundation’s name on the landing page so you will not have to choose you from the many foundations on the list.

Please help us continue to our efforts to identify and honor California's most successful high school teachers, recruit and help train early career teachers so more and more students will have the experience of having an exceptional teachers and to encourage young teachers to remain in the profession and continue to change the lives of their current and future students.

Thanks again for your support. You can download the the link from your iPhone App, Android App, and the Web Version.