Martin Brandt


2003 Outstanding Teacher of America


Martin Brandt

Independence High School, San Jose, CA

Martin Brandt teaches sophomore and junior English at all levels from remedial to Honors program classes.  He has taught at Independence for eleven of his twelve years as a teacher.

Mr. Brandt has taught all four high school grades and his classes has ranged from remedial coursed to Honors and is a member of the school’s Literacy Cadre and has been the school’s advisor for the California Scholarship Federation.  In addition, he has served two terms on the school’s Staff Senate and participated in school restructuring initiatives, is a member of the National Council of Teachers of English.

Mr. Brandt a writing instruction technique called “The Technicolor Paragraph,” which has improved his students’ writing on all levels.  He gives his students the freedom and respect to write creatively, while helping them to achieve beyond their goals in schoolwork and in life.
Mr. Brandt has a special understanding of his students, as he graduated from an East Side School District high school.  He is a living lesson of overcoming obstacles to achieve and enjoy life.