Grace patino




Grace Patino

Watsonville High School, Watsonville, California

Mrs. Patino earned her BS in Biological Sciences with a minor in Spanish at UC Davis. She then attended Fresno State College to complete her teaching credentials.  She began teaching in 1973 and transferred to Watsonville High School in Watsonville, CA. in 1984.  Math has been her main concentration and she spends her free time working for the University of California program called MESA (math, engineering, and science). She has seen the MESA membership triple and has lead the team to numerous trophies and awards.  She has seen many former students become doctors, engineers, and teachers. She said, “you know when you are talking to students and you give them your heart and soul, you just hope that some of what you have said sinks in.  When you see that light bulb turn on – well it is what I live for.”